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April 13, 2016
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April 28, 2016

5 Good Ways To Make A Great Explainer Video

TV consumption is going down, and video content is successfully replacing it. Video content is becoming one of the most powerful means of communication. The cost of making a professional video are not as high as they were a decade ago, but it is still more expensive than blogging. All these expenses could pay off if video content is used properly. Marketers are aware of the high return on investment video delivers. They know that videos can be extremely effective for online marketing. But its effectiveness depends on how you create your video content and how you use it in your marketing campaign.
People usually go for “Explainer Video” as their choice of video content they want to put on their web page. They turn to this form of a video because it’s considered to be a lot like a resume or a business card, and it’s one of most practical ways to explain to people what can you and your company provide them. Explainer videos show how your product or service solves a problem.
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The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions an Explainer Video is an animated clip with a script and voiceover that shows a problem and explains how you can solve it. Explainer Video, as a form of video marketing, has some negative aspect that can be often counter-productive. The counter-productive side of using it is that, by using animations, companies are missing the opportunity to show a human face of their brand. It’s proven that humans instinctively respond to actual faces, not the animated film. It’s one of the most important characteristics that makes video content such a powerful communication medium. Animation can distance the brand from their audience because it fails to show the product. The best and the most practical way of explaining what your company does is showing it with your product, demonstrating what your product does.
Before choosing the type of  Explainer Video you want to use to promote your company, it advisable to consider pros and cons of using animated elements, and make a decisions based on the nature of the product or service you promote.
How To Make A Great Explainer Video
You have a great product and just started up your small but ambitious company.
You invested a lot of money and would like a quick and easy way to explain your business to your customers and to earn their trust.
You understand that building trust takes time, and time is not on your side when you’re a start-up.
Have you considered making a short and interesting explainer video to help you along? It’s one of the best, most time efficient way to communicate to your customers in a clear, concise and entertaining way.
Here are some tips on what to focus on when creating your own  explainer video:
1. Say Who You Are And Why You Matter – Keep It Short and Sweet

Explain the key points of your business in a simple Occam’s razor way; if it can be put in simple words, why complicate it? You’re not gonna sound any more interesting by using flashy and complicated terms. And by keeping your message simple and concise, you’ll show respect to your customers by not wasting their time. Apart from  this, one of the most important things to show, is that you and your business…
2. Solve Customer Problems

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is not to brag about yourself during your explainer video, and instead show how you can be of help to others. If you’re a start-up, make yourself  trustworthy in your customers’ eyes by offering help and service first, and plan your business model around this as well.  It is also important to…
3. Make It Personal

Speak directly to your customers, in an honest and friendly way, the same way  you would speak to somebody you care about. By using plain and simple “you” and “your” in videos, you’ll make the message more relevant and urgent, and you’ll  grab attention more easily. You don’t want to sound overdramatic though, so it’s better if your video is…
4. Lighthearted, Funny And Engaging

If you can put a smile on somebody’s face, you’ve already made them a friend. Use of a pleasant voice, music and overall catchy graphics, will make your explainer video interesting, attract repeat views,  and maybe even viral.
Last but not least, don’t ever assume your customers understood everything that they need to do, so give them a clear…
5. Call To Action

In the end, you want to earn money, right? You need to be clear about what your customers need to do to use your service or product, right away. Lead and guide them, if you need to, spell it out to them, just make sure everybody understands how to subscribe or buy from you.
There you have it. Following this advice and you’re on the right path to create a fun, memorable and engaging explainer video for your audience, standout in the crowd and increase your business. The only thing to do after, is of course to choose the best video publishing option for your explainer video, and we think we know someone who can help 🙂

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