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July 28, 2014
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October 31, 2014

Your HTML5 video player – As seen on BridTV

HTML5 video player with all of the “usual” features, couple of exclusive ones and no restrictions or obligations (no watermarks, fees, etc.) – Here’s what you get:

Flash fallback

Your HTML5 video player is ready even when HTML5 is not – with seamless switch to Flash, you will not lose any viewers ever again.

Unified look

And it will look and act exactly the same, HTML5 or Flash, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Intelligent site skinning (exclusive)

Your player skin will adapt  to any webpage design – automatically!

HTML5 video player - auto site skinning

More than 30 Professionally designed skins

Perfect design for any occasion – chose a skin by theme (sport, music, gaming, etc) or shape/color (got ’em all).

Tailor made skin design

Our team will design a professional skin for you, so that you can stand out in the crowd of other players even more.
Imagine sharing video that just went viral on Facebook – and all through your branded player.

Full iOS, Android support

One player fits all scenarios and has native support for any platform you can think about. It will work – period.

Responsive sizing

And it will look amazing! On any screen of any size, your videos will be played perfectly.

VAST and VPAID support

Monetize your videos – the right way. You can chose between your own ad tags or ours – pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, companion ads, etc. – everything is supported –  Monetize inventory from OpenX,, Tremor Video, AdTech and many others.
HTML5 video - ad support

Playlist support

Different kind of playlist and related video supported – dynamic, custom and many more to come.

Play YouTube videos in your player

Skin your YouTube content to emphasize your site and brand while having the video views counted on your YouTube channel as well!


BridTV player embed code has native support for, the best way to get SEO-ed for video on Google!

Powerful JavaScript API

Control various aspects of the Brid Player and enhance the functionality of your video embeds with JavaScript. Use this player customization to create a unique viewing experience and to implement rich video-page interactions.

VEEPS voip/chat player plugin (exclusive)

Exclusive player plugin that makes chat, (video)calls and networking (Facebook) possible from within the player!
HTML5 Video - Veeps plugin

Google powered analytics

Know your viewers and your videos better – customized Google powered data and you will see more than ever before.

That’s how we see and watch online video – Try it out – it’s all there. - HTML5 video